BID opportunities

There’ll be lots of BID opportunties over the next few years for local businesses. Where we’re appointing a company to work on our behalf, we’ll do our best to recruit from companies within Lichfield City if possible, and if it’s not possible (perhaps there are no companies that deliver the service or the quotes we get are far too high), we’ll look for the best value/quality option from outside of the BID boundary.

Find out more below about the current opportunities:

Deliver Social Media Training to Lichfield BID businesses                                  We’ll be asking local companies to pitch in 2016

Create a marketing strategy for the Lichfield BID
We’ll be asking for local agencies to pitch in 2016

If you are a local company and can offer any services to BID companies and want to promote across the BID area – from insurance through to health and safety, please contact and we can work with you to help you do this – from member offers through to introduction schemes.

If you have any questions about the BID, please contact Morag on
twitter: @LichfieldBID
t: 01543 441806
m: 07983 596055

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