BID timeline

Winter 2013
The Lichfield BID feasibility study was carried out and hundreds of businesses showed their support for a BID in Lichfield City. Find out more.

February 2014
The Lichfield Town Team and Lichfield District Council voted to support the development of a BID.

April 2014
Lichfield Town Team appointed Michelle Baker from Regen Management to develop the Lichfield BID and take it to ballot in 2015.

July 2014
The BID Steering Group and Chairman and Vice Chairman were elected.

Autumn 2014
Businesses came along to a ‘Meet the BID Team’ meeting and hundreds more gave their views on which projects should go into the BID business plan as part of a Top Twelve consultation. Find out more.

Spring 2015
The BID Steering Group researched projects and ideas put forward by businesses across the city and created the proposed BID business plan.

June 2015
The BID business plan was launched and all businesses were invited to attend a public meeting to ask questions and find out more about the BID and the proposed BID business plan.

2 Р30 July 2015  РBID Ballot took place
The BID business plan was sent to all businesses in the BID area, together with a BID ballot paper. All businesses were asked to vote yes or no.

31 July 2015
The Electoral Reform Society, which ran the Lichfield BID ballot, informed the Lichfield BID Steering Group that the Lichfield BID had been voted in and approved by a majority of businesses, both by number and rateable value.

August & September 2015
The Lichfield BID Steering Group worked to establish the Lichfield BID Company which will independently operate the Lichfield BID over the next five years. This will included establishing an operating agreement between the BID company and the local council that governs how the BID money is paid out.

1 October 2015 – 30 September 2020
The Lichfield BID will start to deliver benefits across the city for the next five years.

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