PC Donation to Local Adult Care Centre

Published on: Fri, 03/05/2019 - 08:33

Pictured: Brendon Stewart, Janet, Corrine, David Tomalin and some Minster Hall service users.

Personal Computer Donation to Local Adult Care Centre 

A fully-functional desktop PC with a few years on the clock heading to the recycle centre was saved by Lichfield BID and donated to an adult care centre within the Business Improvement District. 

Brendon Stewart, a BID Support Officer for Lichfield BID, spotted a post on Twitter about the PC heading to the local scrap. The previous owner was asked if the PC could be recovered by Lichfield BID rather than a missed opportunity for someone less privileged. Brendon then arranged with BID Manager, David Tomalin, for the PC to be donated to Minster Hall adult care centre by Dam Street, Lichfield.  


Sherratts Wood CIC, who provide day activities and opportunities to adults living with learning difficulties, mental and physical health conditions, were delighted to be given the restored PC for learning and development support. Norma and Corrine, who are managers of Sherratts Wood CIC Minster Hall scheme expressed gratitude on behalf of the organisation and service users.  Norma said: “We’re quite hidden away and not many people are aware of us being here or what we do.” She added “Most of our group activities rely on donations as we don’t have a lot of equipment ourselves, and we often get missed out because we’re in a nice secluded location.” 


David Tomalin, BID Manager said: “It’s wonderful that we have been part of helping those less able in becoming that little bit more confident. I’m sure they will have greater access to learning and support resources which will benefit all of the service users immensely.” He added “Not only is Lichfield a unique visitor experience, but we have a close community like no other which enriches the city even more.” 


For more information of Sherratts Wood CIC please visit www.sherrattswood.com.