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Electricity & Gas

Electricity and Gas markets are volatile and finding the best deal is complex and time consuming for our members. That’s why we are here to do it for you. Meercat Associates will monitor and manage your contracts to ensure Lichfield BID members are always on the best market rates. If you are currently tied into a contract, Meercat will plan and secure the best terms in preparation for the renewal and, by tracking contracts, will ensure that your contract is terminated at the right time to prevent it from rolling to a higher rate. Meercat energy experts are on hand to ensure that you have the right energy strategy. PROSPECTIVE SAVINGS - 40%


In April 2017 the commercial water market in England became deregulated. Businesses in England will be able to choose their water supplier, rather than being tied to their default, location driven provider. It is envisaged that deregulation will therefore lead to competition amongst suppliers, with savings available to businesses who are prepared to test the market. Meercat Associates will be using their wealth of experience in dealing with the national suppliers to help Lichfield BID members minimise their water bills, managing the process from start to finish. PROSPECTIVE SAVINGS - 40%

Merchant Fees

Meercat Associates will advise you of the best and most up to date products to suit your specific needs; whether that is accepting payments online, in-store or over the phone. Last year, VISA and Mastercard reduced their rates to the banks, but in some cases these savings were not passed onto businesses. In other BIDs that Meercat Associates work with, some businesses who have not recently reviewed their merchant accounts have saved 60% or more. Just submit a recent merchant account invoice and Meercat will produce a report showing potential savings for your business. PROSPECTIVE SAVINGS - 60%


Technology changes daily. Landlines, mobiles and broadband can result in many different suppliers or countless line items, which makes comparison with market rates confusing. Meercat Associates are telecom experts and will navigate this complex market and use group purchasing power to secure the best rates. Simply provide the most recent bills and Meercat will do all the work for you. PROSPECTIVE SAVINGS - 30%

Safety & Testing

By law, every business has to ensure that its building and equipment is safe and tested regularly. Meercat Associates can take care of and reduce your costs for: Fire Risk Assessments Health & Safety Risk Assessments Display Screen Equipment Assessments Legionella Water Testing Periodic Inspection Reporting Fire Alarm Testing Fire Extinguisher Servicing Emergency Lighting Testing PAT Testing Electrical Maintenance - Planned & Reactive PROSPECTIVE SAVINGS - 40%


By bringing together and negotiating for businesses within the same sector, Meercat Associates can consolidate your needs and offer better premiums. Meercat will do all the work for you and provide you with all the support needed. PROSPECTIVE SAVINGS - 10%

Pest Control

Urban areas are always going to have pest activity and Lichfield is no exception. Pest controllers will work behind the scenes and keep this annoyance under control in both food and non-food environments. Pests aren’t concerned by property boundaries, Meercat Associates will also provide coordination with neighbouring businesses to help keep the problem in check. PROSPECTIVE SAVINGS - 25%